1) When do the cruises leave?

It depends on the length of the cruise, and the date of embarkation.  Typically it is either on a Monday for 5 day/4 night cruises, or a Friday for shorter versions.

2) What is the name of the ship?

We have access to all major cruise lines, if the dates requested are not available on a particular ship, we will explore different cruise lines to accommodate the travelers.

3) How much are the port taxes?

$149 per adult, and $129 per child(under 13).

4) How long in advance can I book dates?

We ask for a 15-30 day notice for any travel arrangement.

5) Can I transfer my travel package?

Yes, all you have to do is inform us of the person you wish to transfer it to, and you may transfer the package in its entirety, or the parts, if you have multiple destinations.

6) Can I change my destinations?

Yes, as long as we offer the destination desired.

7) Do I have to do a presentation/tour?

Depending on your package, you will have to do a presentation at each land stay to participate in the promotion, and get the discounts.

8) Do I have to do a presentation/tour for the cruise?

No, the presentation/tour only applies to 3 day and 2 night, or 4 day and 3 night land stays.

9) Can I extend the package?

No, you can't extend your package.

10) What ports are available?

That depends on the length of the cruise, and the dates you choose.  Typically it can be Miami, or Port Canaveral, but more are available.

11) What is the best way to choose which cruise I want?

You can log on to our website www.360getaways.net for some options, or you may refer to the cruise line's website and choose one that fits your schedule.

12) What is the best way to book my vacation/cruise?

The easiest and quickest way to book any trips, is to log on to our website www.360getaways.net and click on "online booking", and the form can be filled out online, and simply submitted straight back to us.  There is no need to print or scan anything, for your convenience, all it takes is a touch of a button.

13) What documents are needed to take a cruise?

Either a passport, or a government issued id along with a raised seal, or official birth certificate will be required.  For international travel, all travelers 16 and up are required to have a passport.

14) What is the process for booking a cruise?

After we receive your dates online, we try to match the cruise that best fits your request.  The forms you need to fill out are in the "online booking" section of our website www.360getaways.net available 24 hours a day.

15) Why do I have to pay port taxes?

That is required whenever you leave and reenter the country, and is a government tax which we collect only at the time of booking.

16) Can I upgrade my cruise?

Yes, you may add extra nights, upgraded cabins, add drink packages, all dependent on the cruise line you choose.

17) How many people can come on the cruise?

The promotion covers the first 2 travelers, so all they would pay are the port taxes at booking, however, you may add up to 2 more people at retail rates, and we work to keep those costs as low as possible.

18) What are the locations of the resorts/hotels?

All accommodations are based upon availability, but all information is included in your confirmation material.

19) How many people can come to for the hotel/resort accommodations?

All accommodations are suitable for 4 travelers, and for the land stays they all 4 are included with no extra charges.

20) Why do I have to pay hotel/resort taxes?

That is a charge by the location, that covers the use of their facilities, and is only paid when you physically check into the resort.  It is usually between $7 and $15 per night, not per person.

21) How long do I have to cancel?

Initially you have 30 days, but no matter what, we will work very hard to satisfy your travel needs no matter what they are.  We will also make any adjustments that we are able to, to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your package.

22) Can I book all my trips consecutively?

Yes.  If there is a cruise included, we work around the dates that it leaves and arrange the land stays around that date.

23) Can I refer friends or family members?

Yes, and for doing so they will also be under the promotion guidelines as long as they provide your name.

24) Can I purchase multiple packages?

Yes, and the other package, or its parts, can be transferred to someone else.